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Havest Hill edited by Michael Hultquist and Douglas Hutcheson
Harvest Hill edited by Michael Hultquist and Douglas Hutcheson

Retail price: $16.95
ISBN: 9780980133844

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31 Tales of Halloween Horror

Welcome to Harvest Hill, Tennessee: a seemingly idyllic community.  But within the shadows of this restful town roams a centuries-old evil that rears itself in some awful form or influence every Halloween when the veil between worlds is thinnest.  We offer a choice crop of truly disturbing accounts - large and small, stretching from the 1700s into the present day - as a warning to all.  If only the residents understood the unspeakable thing that has writhed and raged among them for ages, and keeps growing ...



"Halloween in a nutshell. ... The stories that follow will trick you and treat you and leave you (hopefully!) as satisfied as that first (or last) bag of candy corn."
Al Sarrantonio, ed. of Stoker-winning anthology 999


"An unsettling journey into the land of legends, as mysterious as October mist."

Scott Nicholson, Bram Stoker Award finalist for The Red Church and author of They Hunger


"With these 31 tricks 'n' treats from Harvest Hill, you'll be jumping at shadows 'til the witching hour creeps by and Ol' Scratch comes knocking."
S.D. Hintz and Jerrod Balzer, Skullvines Press --from the book"Harvest Hill serves up down-home horrors for those craving a taste of Halloween south of the Mason-Dixie."

Nancy A. Collins, Stoker-winning author of Sunglasses After Dark, Knuckles & Tales, and Swamp Thing --from the book"Vampires, creepy folklore, ghosts, killers, demonic children ... Don't be surprised if Harvest Hill makes you lock the doors and shriek ... ."
--Lisa Morton, Stoker-winning author of The Halloween Encyclopedia --from the book

“An atmospheric collection of intelligent and thrilling supernatural fiction.”

Tim Deal, publisher of the Black Quill-nominated Shroud Magazine and editor of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated anthology Beneath the Surface

“Hultquist and Hutcheson have compiled a dark and delicious menu of treats in Harvest Hill.  Great reading for a satisfying taste of Halloween horror any time of the year!”

Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Award finalist, Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales


Al Sarrantonio - Foreword
Douglas Hutcheson - Introduction:  A Place Prepared
K.V. Taylor - Poor Andrew Boyd
Gustavo Bondoni - Teeth
John C. Caruso - The Confession of Jeremiah Heath
Damien Navillus - The Magician
Beau Forbes - The Séance
Bobbie Metevier - A Trilogy of Expressions
J.C. Tabler - Demon Whiskey
Jim Kelley - The Last Job
Robert J. Santa - The Feasting
Lawrence Barker - R
Rick Moore - The Church of Dead Music
Jezzy Wolfe - Met Halfway
John Palisano - The Outlaws of Hill County
Christopher Dykes - Pumpkins
Gerald Rice - Mona
Michael Stone - The Light Knight Returns
John P. Wilson - You Can't Kill the Dead!
Camille Alexa - Cold, Dark, Deep
Aaron Polson - The Scavengers Lying in Wait
Steven L. Shrewsbury - Time is Mine
Andrew Shvarts - The Orchard
Mike Sweeney - Harold
J.G. Faherty - The Midway
Gregory L. Hall - The Harvest Hill Theatre
Richard Pitaniello - The Pumpkin-Smasher Massacre
Robby Sparks - Space Cowboys Don't Ride Electric Horses
Briane F. Pagel, Jr. - Don't Eat My Face
Joe Nazare - Rotgut
Steven E. Wedel - Hungry is the Night
Jeff Parish - Stone Heart, Vinyl Floors
Matt Hults - The Hoax
Chad Savage - Afterword

Pages: 382


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